Jai Stone: PeriCon16

Jai Stone; http://www.showcaseofexcellence.com

I’m excited to celebrate and highlight Ms. Jai Stone for the fearless courage she demonstrated in planning PeriCon16 which she dubbed as the ‘Super Bowl of her career!’  Jai is an award winning master brand coach and her work speaks for itself.  PeriCon16 was an absolute success!

I discovered Jai on Periscope early this year.  I knew instantly from her scopes that she was the real deal!  From day one her scopes were filled with rich content that was practical with no filter or fluff.  She knows exactly what she’s talking about.

I have chosen to showcase Jai’s excellence because I view her as a woman of grace, generosity, and strength.  Despite the challenges that she has endured and overcome, Jai represents the true strength of a woman.  She is genuinely authentic.  I gather that she is self reflective and self assured.  From a distance, I could see discernment in her eyes.  She knows real when she sees it.  Her grace and generosity was displayed as she greeted conference attendees with the solid connection of eye contact and the warm embrace of a hug.  I found strength in her vulnerability as she spoke the truth of her experience in several sessions.  I won’t pretend to know her personally so I won’t claim her perfection but I respect and admire the woman that she is.

I celebrate her first as the amazing woman that she is.  Second, I congratulate her on winning the Super Bowl of her career which proved to be an absolute ‘Game ChangHER’!

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