LaTasha Elliott

LaTasha Elliott is the founder and editor of the  She has dedicated her life to the service and empowerment of others. In 1999, LaTasha formally accepted the calling that God had on her life to serve.  In 2oo9. she started an organization called Youth Empowerment and Family Services where she was awarded a multi agency contract with the state of South Carolina.  As the Director of Client Services, LaTasha managed the agency and worked one on one with families in crisis.  In 2013, LaTasha began her journey in the area of SelfCare and has since developed a practice where she helps women eliminate stress and avoid burnout through the power and benefits of SelfCare.  She teaches women in leadership how to include themselves among their top priorities.  By working with LaTasha, her clients have been able to find their voice and rediscover the strength of their spirit.  She works with women who are life coaches, ministry leaders, corporate consultants, business owners, social media influencers, first time moms and moms of special needs children.  In 2016, she founded