Tee J Mercer: Media Mavericks Academy


Today I am excited to honor and celebrate Ms. Tee J Mercer.  I met TeeJ briefly in April 2016 during the PeriCon conference that was hosted by Jai Stone.  The first thing that I noticed about TeeJ was her excitement and energy.  The second thing that I noticed was her genuine desire to help ‘heart centered’ people expand their platform and position themselves in the media.  Within the first 5 minutes of her presentation, it was abundantly clear that Tee J Mercer was an expert who was on top of her game.  Tee J Mercer is an international best-selling author and an award-winning television editor.  TeeJ is the Chief Maverick of the Media Mavericks Academy and her impact in the lives of those she’s called to serve with soon be as visible as the shows that we all know well.

While each of the accomplishments previously mentioned are note worthy, the attributes that I find most impressive is her strength, resilience, integrity and generosity.  On July 1st, TeeJ started a 31 day “Make Some Noise Fest” challenge.  Each day of the challenge TeeJ gave her advice and ‘media tip of the day’.  The thing that makes her challenge one of the best that I have ever been apart of is what I call her ‘heart space moments’.  TeeJ teaches from 2 perspectives both of which are amazing to witness.  During the 1st part of her lesson, she teaches from her heart.  (The lessons that TeeJ teaches from her heart are like golden nuggets that are hot off the press from God’s throne room.)  During this part of her scope, TeeJ just flows from her heart.  The second part of her scopes included media tips that were so valuable she could have charged for each day of the challenge.  This speaks directly to her generosity.

TeeJ has become one of my favorite servant leaders and I am excited to honor her.  Her transparency is refreshing, her joy is infectious and her talent and expertise in regard to media is second to none.   I now count myself among her ‘band of misfits’ and with the expert advice that she gave during her 31 day challenge she has proven to be a true game changer and an answered prayer to many!

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